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Make no bones about it. There’s no need to risk sending Fido off to a dog training school or an expensive board and train program where guardians are not included in the training process. We offer dog training classes and private training sessions to help dogs develop their abilities for more self-control and better choice making. 

Our game-like training sessions are extremely effective and they create close emotional bonds as dogs and guardians have a blast learning together. Families that train together, remain together because you’ve both invested in each other and had fun doing it. Now, that’s barking up the right tree for sure.

Option 1: In Home Dog Training Near Me

No traffic to fight. We come to you.

In-home, private training sessions are the flagship of our company’s services. We start by gathering important information about you and your dog, including your clearly defined training goals.

Next, we develop a customized training plan and begin teaching you and your dog the skill sets needed to achieve and maintain success. Each session starts with a performance review of the skills learned to date. 

Finally, we add on additional skill sets until all your defined goals are reached. Private sessions typically take place in the convenience of your own home, but we also encourage extension into the community (Mix-and-Match Model) whenever safe and possible. This extended learning opportunity allows team dog to practice and proof behaviors in more challenging settings. It also allows for great trouble-shooting sessions with a professional right at your fingertips.

Private Instruction Learning Levels:

Puppy Level Training (dogs 8 weeks to 5 months old) – Focus is on potty training, bite-inhibition, healthy separation training, proper socialization, kennel or confinement training, proper chew training, and learning basic request cues, beginning loose-leash walking. Being sure puppy has plenty of good management, mental-stimulation, environmental enrichment, and proper physical exercise is also greatly emphasized.

Intermediate Level Training (dogs 6 months or older) – Focus is on completing potty training, extending healthy separation, continuing proper socialization, adjusting kennel or confinement training, managing proper chew training, and increasing impulse control around increasing distractions, refining loose leash walking skills, and practicing mannerly dog skills in private and in public forums. Being sure the adolescent dog has plenty of good management, mental-stimulation, environmental enrichment, and proper physical exercise is also greatly emphasized.

Advanced Training (dogs 1 year or older) – Focus is on continuing and managing proper chew training, extending healthy separation without need of crates, gates and kennels and perfecting impulse control around increasing distractions, perfecting loose leash walking skills, and perfecting mannerly dog skills in private and in public forums. Being sure the young-adult dog has plenty of good management, mental-stimulation, environmental enrichment, and proper physical exercise is also greatly emphasized.   

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Option 2: Limited Dog Training Classes Near Me

Taking a class with your dog is a great cost, effective way to gather new skill sets. Our certified trainers make learning fun no matter if you and your dog are enrolled in a puppy training and socialization class or a basic through advanced obedience class.

Classroom learning is typically fast-paced and challenging for both of you.
Many dogs and people do well in this type of learning environment, while other dogs and people need or prefer less commotion to learn more effectively.

Class sessions build on the skills learned in the previous week’s session, so perfect class attendance is vital to your dog’s overall class success. And don’t worry, if you sign up for a class then find the atmosphere is too overwhelming for either of you, our instructors will either modify the environment if possible or transfer you to private sessions.
With us, failure is not an option.

Level 0: Puppy Training & Socialization

Puppy training classes and socialization classes focus on taking advantage of the prime socialization window (6 weeks – 16 weeks). This brief, sensitive period is when a puppy’s brain is the most open to new world experiences. We call this period of a dog’s life “the experience expectant period” because the puppy’s brain is primed and ready, expecting learning to occur. Our classes focus on safely exposing puppies to various sights, sounds, scents, surfaces, people, and other puppies.

We utilize a controlled gradient of exposure and teach dog guardians how to read dog body language to ensure that all puppies are interacting and learning at levels that verify they are having positive learning experiences.

Some foundational level obedience cues are taught in our puppy classes. Helping new puppy parents with effective house training, reducing puppy nipping, and ramping up confinement training are also covered.

Level 1: Basic Level Classes

Basic level dog training classes focus on developing and reinforcing foundation level behaviors that all life-skills and advanced level behaviors heavily depend upon.

Level 2: Intermediate Level Classes

Intermediate level dog training classes focus on challenging and extending foundation level behaviors while adding on behaviors that require more impulse control.

Level 3: Advanced Level Classes

Advanced level dog training classes focus on extending and proofing intermediate level, impulse control related behaviors and proofing them in multiple learning contexts.
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Option 3: Wags University Online Dog Training Classes and Continuing Education Courses

Wags University is our new online teaching and learning platform. All courses offered at Wags University are developed and delivered by our own certified, training and behavior professionals.

Wags University platform offers you economical, convenient online learning from subject-matter experts. Courses are rich in content and well supported. Courses include lectures, how-to-videos, handouts, and options to complete courses with or without the support of a virtual instructor. Courses span a wide variety of topics and many award CEU course credits upon completion.

New courses are constantly under development. So be sure to check back often or sign-up to be informed when new classes are released and receive early-bird pricing discounts.

Wags University
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