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Unleashing your dog’s best behaviors with positive training solutions

Our certified trainers provide effective, compassionate behavior solutions for all dogs, all breeds, all issues.

Your dog deserves to Learn with Love!

Why choose Pawsitive Practice compassionate trainers for your dog’s training needs? All dog owners struggle with behavior issues at some point. At Pawsitive Practice, we transform your dog’s behavior and deepen the animal-human bond at the same time.

We work directly with owners to help their dogs Learn with Canine Science and Love, resulting in a happy, responsive dog that makes you proud wherever you go.

How Will We Help You

Whether you’ve just gotten a new puppy and wish to provide training from the beginning, or have an adolescent or adult dog with frustrating habits, we can help!

Training Dogs and Enriching Relationships!

Evidence-Based, Compassionate Training
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Anyone Can Become a Dog Trainer

But providing effective, science-based training with compassion and love requires far more than just declaring oneself a pro trainer.

In short, not all ‘dog trainers’ have the ability to train your beloved furry family member with the level of expertise and understanding you get from us.

That’s right!

There’s no regulation when it comes to dog training or behavior consulting, so anyone can declare themselves a dog trainer or animal behaviorist…on a whim…no education required.

Think about it. Anyone can call themselves an artist, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to buy what they’re selling.

Compassionate. Educated. Professional.

We want to assure you that we’ve gone above and beyond to earn the highest credentials possible. Not only does she have extensive dog training and behavior consulting experience, Lisa Matthews is a certified behavior consultant through the IAABC and all of our trainers are CPDT-KA and Fear Free Certified as part of our commitment to excellence in dog training and behavior modification.

We pride ourselves on using gentle, effective methods when training our canine clients — no matter the breed, age, or issue. Our team conducts every session with passion and in a compassionate, professional manner.

All Gain. No Pain.

Shock, pinch, collar jerks, and choke techniques are unnecessary when teaching dogs new skills or changing undesirable behaviors. Our training team follows the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) principle when teaching our dog clients.

LIMA means we rely heavily on positivity-based training and reinforcement methods clearly defined as: treats, love, praise, play, and life rewards. We’ll teach you how these techniques as well, for we’re teaching your dog and you and a team.

in fact, your attendance and participation are always required at each session, so you can learn along with your dog. We like to refer to it as “training both ends of the leash” and welcome any family members desiring to participate in sessions.